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I have been reviewing children's books for a few years and this book really stood out … my two daughters loved the firefly … illustrations are amazing … what I liked about the book are the conversations it started with my daughter who loves going to her grandparents …

L. Ruscyczk … Ed.D. (author) (Amazon Review)


My children received this book as a gift and absolutely LOVE it. Whenever Nana comes over to our house, my daughter will grab this book and beg her to read it. This is usually followed by a long conversation about what they'll do next time they are together at "Camp Nana Papa"!! So sweet!

Sailor A - (Amazon Review)


Such a sweet book. It opens a whole new world of possibilities as a grandparent. The story really brings home the love and memories that children share only with their grandparents.

Lori E – (Amazon Review)


This book is such a great keepsake! The grandkids love it! I hope there are many more of these stories to come!  Finding Flash on every page is a great game!

Sharon T