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Welcome to Camp Nana Papa®. We are glad you're here and want you to know what we're all about!  We celebrate the relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. Camp Nana Papa is not an actual place at all. It's a place "in the heart of every grandchild and grandparent."

Anytime you are thinking about, or with, your grandchildren, that's Camp Nana Papa. It's the spirit of that “grand” relationship we celebrate. Our camp was named after Nana and Papa, so it’s called Camp Nana Papa.

Every family has their own Camp Nana Papa!  Your camp just needs a bona fide camp name!  Here’s the formula, name your camp based on your family name or a grand name.  For example, if your last name is Stewart, your grand camp name can be "Camp Stewart" or maybe even "Camp Mi-Mi Poppy.” That’s the fun of it all; you pick a name that is special to you and your family.  Some people even name their camp after a specific grandchild (e.g. Camp Jax for a grandson named “Jackson”).  Once you pick your grand camp name, let the adventures begin! You can use your grand camp anytime you are planning events, activities, or just spending time with your grandchildren.

Our story begins with our storybook series, The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa®. Grandkids and grandparents alike love reading together, and nothing is more special. Children love following the adventures of Nick and Sarah as they enjoy fun times with their grandparents. Once your grandkids discover the adventures of Nick, Sarah, and their special friend, Flash-the-Firefly®, they will look forward to the many adventures in other books of the series!  You will enjoy making it a family tradition to read the Camp Nana Papa books.

We are here to help grandparents and grandchildren everywhere "make grand memories”.  The memories made will last a lifetime. Join us and be part of the fun by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest social media channels to connect with "Grands" around the world. In addition, check out our new blog where you can find information about all things ”grand”. We look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to Camp Nana Papa!